7 Immunity Booster Drinks You Must Use in Summer

Immunity Booster Drinks

During summer, we have to rely on the watery items and slow down the intake of the solid items. If we are relying too much on watery items, we have to face seasonal health problems and parched throats. While drinking watery items, we should keep in mind these health problems. Due to seasonal flu hits, we may have to face the problem of a weaker immunity system. Due to COVID 19, we can’t drink those drinks that can slow down our immunity system. Therefore, we should try to take such drinks that can boost up our immunity system. Here, we will discuss the top seven immunity booster drinks that we should use in the summer.

Cucumber Mint Water:

Drink mint water is very common during the summer season. Anyhow, cucumber mint water may seem odd to you. When you will drink cucumber mint water during summer, you can get lots of health benefits. You should try to serve only one glass at a time. Anyhow, you can keep the whole pitcher in your fridge. When you will drink it regularly during summer, you will see its magic. To make a glass of cucumber mint water, you should take a couple of slices of cucumber and a sprig of mint. No doubt, making a glass of cucumber mint water is easy for you. If you want to make 16 glasses of cucumber mint water, you will have to take slices of half cucumber and half cup of mint. After drinking cucumber mint water, you will feel cool throughout the day. It is also an efficient immunity booster drink.

Pomegranate Juice:

No doubt, different kinds of juices are available in the market during the summer season. Anyhow, if you are looking for a healthy option in the juices, you should make it at your home. You can make it based on your taste buds. It is also the best choice to satiate your love for juices. In the store-bought juices, there are some unhealthy ingredients. Some people don’t like these unhealthy ingredients. You should buy fresh pomegranate from the market. It will not only provide enough health benefits but it will also slightly tart flavour tastes. You can easily make it just within few minutes. You just need to take the ice, pomegranate juice, water and lemon. When you will mix all of these things, your immunity booster drink will be ready.

Southern Style Sweet Tea:

Some people are addicts of tea. When they grow up, they get this addiction. If you are looking for an immunity booster drink during the summer, you should not ignore this kind of tea. It will pamper the taste buds by giving the sweeter taste. You can easily prepare it at your home. While preparing it, you should take a small saucepan and two cups of water while streaming. After removing it from the heat, you should add tea bags to it. After discarding the tea bags, you should add honey to this drink. You should stir to combine. Now, you should add chilled water and stir to the mix. You should also add lemon and mint. In the end, you can serve it with ice.

Mint Buttermilk:

If you want to complete the list of the summer drinks, you can’t complete it without adding buttermilk. You should make this immunity booster drink from fresh curd. It is loaded with gut-friendly bacteria. This kind of drink is helpful for us in various ways. First, it will check our digestive system. Secondly, it is also the best drink to hydrate us. Thirdly, you can also take this drink to boost up your immunity system. If you want to make it healthier, you should add mint leaves and roasted cumin powder. These two ingredients are full of vitamin C, E, A and antioxidants. That’s why these two ingredients are well known due to their immunity-boosting properties.

Green Smoothie:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, if you want to kick start your metabolism, you should take a glass of green smoothie in the morning. You can easily make the green smoothie just by adding spinach, cucumber and juice. When you will drink it in the morning, you can also boost up your immunity system. Spinach is full of antioxidants, vitamin C and beta carotene. These ingredients can increase our infection-fighting ability. On the other hand, cucumber keeps us to stay hydrated. If you want to make it healthier, you can also add salt and juice to this drink. Its ingredients are easily available. Therefore, you will never face any problem while preparing this drink.

Melon Puree:

You can easily make this drink. It is a great source of vitamin C. Instead of drinking, you should puree it. When you will puree it, you can retain all the healthy fibre. To make it at the home, you should slice up a honeydew melon. You can also cantaloupe it into chunks. To prepare its smoothie, you should use the blending technique. If you feel necessary, you can also add water to it. If you want to get its extra cooling benefits, you should add ice to it. To make this drink, you can use watermelon or any other sweet melon. To boost up your immunity system, you should try to drink it daily.

Strawberry Lemonade:

Homemade lemonades are very famous in the summer. If you want to provide a new taste to your lemonades, you should add fresh strawberries. To prepare this immunity booster drink, you should prepare slices of strawberries. You should add strawberries and lemon juice into the blender until to convert it into liquid. If you want to remove most of the pulp, you can strain the juice into it. After making this juice, you can strain it into the water. After adding juice into the chilled water, you can also add some slices of lemon. When you will drop ice into it, you can easily enjoy it. To provide a perfect look to your drink, you should garnish the glass with slices of lemon. You can also use half of the strawberry pieces to garnish the glass. At last, you can enjoy your immunity booster drink.

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