Things You Should Do During Video Conferencing Calls and Meetings

Many people and businesses understand how easy things can be using online tools to communicate with your team members, other departments and management and even collaborate on different tasks. It has not only made things and operations more efficient but also cost-effective as well. One can save a lot of money by using almost free video conferencing tools and platforms to host meetings, events, conduct interviews, collaborate on a task at hand, even conduct a board meeting without even traveling to work and get things done even if you are on a vacation.


During the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses suggested that their employees should work from home and should practice Social Distancing as well. To overcome the challenges of making sure that there is effective communication between employees and the organization, people asked to connect via social media platforms and audio and video conferencing tools to get things done. All it required was an audio and video conferencing tool that had all the required features like the ones offered by Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and many others and an internet connection that is reliable and has a good internet speed. You can find many services like these offered by Buy TV Internet Phone. Let’s have a look at the different ways you can make these tools more effective for yourself and your business: 


Selecting Your Meeting Space and Workspace 

If it is possible, you can find a more private space to take a call or host a meeting and if you do not have such a space, make sure that you have headphones that can minimize or cancel out the background noise. Also, if you are living with roommates or around other family members who work from home too, inform them that you have a meeting scheduled at a given time so keep the noise low and take all discussions and conversations elsewhere. Also, make sure that the workspace where you are attending the meeting from is clean and looks tidy. Also, it should have enough lights so that your face is visible. If there is no natural lighting, make sure that there is enough light on your workspace that can make your face visible to the audience. 


You Need To Stay Focused

It is a good idea to be attentive and engaged at all times when you are on the call or video conferencing/meeting. Also, you should refrain from doing any other work or draft an email or read an article. Try to look at your laptop/phone’s camera when you are talking to other participants. When it’s not your turn to talk, you should pay attention to the speaker or someone who is sharing an opinion on their screen and there is some material that you might need to refer to. Also, staying focused will help you make valuable contributions to the discussion at hand. 


How to Share Your Screen 

If you are needed to share your screen with all the participants present on the call, it can take a few seconds to prepare whatever you want to share before hitting the Share Screen button. Also, it is a good idea to clear your desktop and get rid of any extra tabs on the browser or programs that might be running. Also, make sure there is no sensitive document or information displayed on the screen that you are sharing. 


Avoid Sudden Pauses or Delays

In case if you want to pause or go for a break during a conversation, then you should mention this in the schedule of your meeting. If you are not the organizer of the meeting, let the organizers know and ask them if that will be alright for you to go for your break and freshen up. Also if there is a pause or delay in your conversation due to a technical difficulty or you want to go to a different screen to fetch an email or a document for reference, then you make sure that you let your audience know about this. A long delay in your conversation or a long stretch of silence might give out an impression that you have lost connection, so it is a good idea that you keep all participants on the same page.


In the end, one can say that a participant in a video conferencing session should have a look at these simple things for a better response. If you make sure that you are following the simple rules of video conferencing, you will not only get the results you expected but also will keep people connected and engaged with you at all times and people won’t consider talking to you boring or too formal. Also, try to prepare for your video conferences beforehand to avoid any complications and confusion for yourself. 


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